About Us

Our Vision

Vanessa Phoenix Productions is a Los Angeles-based television, film, digital media, and music production company on a mission to inspire humanity to take flight! We wish to serve our global community by awakening the highest potential in all of us and advancing the evolution of human consciousness with thought-provoking and catalyzing entertainment.

Our vision is to be a leading supplier of ground-breaking media that entertains, enlivens conversation on pivotal topics, promotes personal growth and community, and sparks positive change.

Our Motto - Ashes to Wings -

Vanessa Phoenix Productions was inspired by the mythological phoenix. This legendary splendid bird spontaneously bursts into flame at the end of its life cycle and is reborn, out of its own ashes, to live and fly anew. Likewise, humanity is at a critical evolutionary phase and it’s time for our collective illusions, false understandings and destructive behaviors to come to their end.

VPP entertainment serves as a social catalyst, impelling us to rise from our ashes and begin a new cycle as a more highly-evolved species, more fully conscious of our true divine nature, so that we may experience all the joy, love, peace, and harmony that is available to us in the here and now.

Our Objectives

  • To transform mainstream media by creating and promoting enlightened entertainment
  • To utilize film, television, and music media as a platform for exploring higher purpose, and higher human qualities and abilities
  • To act as a catalyst for humanity’s development of greater awareness and expanded consciousness
  • To aid the healing of the human psyche by exploring healing modalities and personal development
  • To encourage society to view healing of the psyche as commonplace as grabbing a Starbucks pick-­-me-­-up
  • To disseminate spiritual wisdom and support spiritual growth
  • To free and empower oppressed, abused, and exploited people and animals of our planet
  • To help women and girls gain equal status with men in the global community
  • To help bring a proper balance of yin/yang (masculine and feminine) energy to the planet by promoting the expression of feminine energy within all people, men and women alike
  • To promote full expression of love, joy, peace, harmony, and balance

Topics We Love to Explore

Psychology, Spirituality, New Science and Spirituality, Cosmology and Astronomy, Existence, Metaphysics, Mythology, Expanded Consciousness, Power of Mind, Super-Human Capabilities, Self-Actualization, Personal Growth and Self-Discovery, Creativity, Creative Arts, Dance and Movement, Race Issues, Women’s Rights/Issues, Equity, Ancient Feminine Secrets, Relationships and Intimacy, Right Livelihood and Money, Alternative Health and Healing, Clean Eating, Death and Dying, Animal rights, Ancient Wisdom and Indigenous Cultures, Social, Political, Environmental Issues and more.

About Vanessa Phoenix

Vanessa keeps one foot in the creative arts and the other, in the healing arts, a combination that deeply influences her creations. She earned a B.A. in Theater & Dance from the Liberal Arts School of Colorado College, where she also studied psychology and women’s studies. She later studied Vocal Performance and Songwriting at Berklee College of Music, and she earned her Certification as a Whole Health Clinical Hypnotherapist.

Vanessa’s production career began in her youth. As a child she produced, performed, and directed friends in live music and theatrical performances, with neighbors paying admission to see her shows. As a young-entrepreneur, she also ran her own dance school, a cake business, and sold her own handmade jewelry and potholders door-to-door. Today, Vanessa is the founder, executive producer, writer, director, and editor for Vanessa Phoenix Productions.

After graduating from Colorado College, Vanessa was the director of children’s television show, Rock ‘N’ Romp, which aired on DC-TV in Denver. Next, she later became the creative director/project manager for Denver multi-media production company, Ice Palace Productions, and later an associate producer/writer for the Media Underground production company in Las Vegas.

Vanessa Phoenix is wildly excited about bringing her two favorite passions—the creative and healing arts—to mainstream media by producing entertainment that inspires growth, healing and the expansion of human consciousness..


Amelia Yokel has been contributing to VPP for almost 2 years. She has been our go-to videographer, line producer, and editor. Amelia has been incredibly vital and hugely valuable to VPP due to her kind, supportive, and giving personality, her incredible work ethic, intuition, talent/skills, professionalism, interpersonal skills, and efficiency. We could go on! Check out what she's up to below...

Amelia is the Co-Founder and CEO of BYT MEdia. Voted most likely to be brutally honest. Amelia specializes in organization, categorization, and streamline production of moving pictures and sound.

With a foundation in DIY independent filmmaking, Amelia Yokel has directed and produced television, shorts and music videos. In 2013 she produced The Whipping Club with Adam Cushman and received the Best Short Film award at the Hollywood New Media festival. In 2014 her film Washington State Redemption was awarded Best Short Film in the Leavenworth Film Festival, located in the mountains of Washington where she was raised. In 2014 Adam and Amelia teamed up again to produce Restraint, their first feature film endeavor scheduled to release in 2015.

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